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Internal services energized: Smoother workflows for Finnish social and healthcare provider

Established in 1909, Mehiläinen provides extensive social care and healthcare services to private, insurance, corporate and municipal customers. Today, it is the market leader in social services and public healthcare services in Finland with 15,000 employees and annual revenue of one billion euro. The company operates 440 units all over the country and handles more than 2.8 million physician visits annually. Its social care network includes 170 units with a total of 6,000 beds.

Versatility and flexibility as key selection criteria

Mehiläinen is experiencing a strong growth spurt, in which digitalization plays an important role. IT administration, though, was somewhat lagging behind with its previous-generation ticketing system.

Mehilainen_Aki_ValkamaWhen evaluating and selecting a new system, the goal was to streamline the work of administrative teams and concentrate many functionalities in one system. “The old way of operating revolved largely around email and manual work,” says Aki Valkama, IT Manager. “We were looking for a solution that would automate much of the service desk ticketing, requests and order backlog. With the company growing quickly, it was in no way feasible to increase the manual workload in support.”

The process then zeroed in on Efecte’s Enterprise Service Management solution that includes both a service management tool and a self-service portal. “From previous experience with Efecte products, I knew it is possible to build a lot of different functionalities around the software, that you can configure the solution yourself, and that in-house administration is easy,” Valkama states. He adds that his knowledge about Efecte software was probably the main reason Efecte was shortlisted from the beginning.

End-to-end ticketing and workload management

At Mehiläinen, Efecte is now the main tool for ticketing and workload management. It keeps all aspects of a question, problem, or request connected for comprehensive viewing and resolving. The system also allows administration teams to forward tasks to each other. Efecte’s self-service portal, in turn, provides a central place for users to see the entire service offering.

“Instead of the old way of sending email back and forth, users can now find answers automatically through menus and text fields.”

Enthusiastic feedback from users

The most enthusiastic reception to Efecte’s solution has so far come from Mehiläinen’s Human Resources and Payroll departments. “Even though they have been using Efecte only for a short time, the feedback we are receiving is extremely positive, in particular with regard to workload management.” The old way of using email was time-consuming and work was very disorganized. Now most of the requests can be handled after first contact.

In the near future, the solutions will additionally be implemented to financial administration to automate its work. “When you have a workforce of 15,000 people, every ticket or request that can be handled automatically saves a lot of the IT personnel’s time. I would venture that in IT support alone, the new automation has saved us one full-time work year.”

Managing any service flexibly on the same platform

According to Valkama, concentrating all support functions and internal services in one portal is a great help. “Most important, though, is theMehilainen-18-highres-1 reorganization of teamwork and better workload management.” Earlier, people opened the group mailbox in the morning and started scrolling through the huge amount of emails. In most cases, there was not enough information on the topic of the request, so all the emails had to be opened as well. Everyone was reading the same mailbox and marking the emails as they were working. This was a very slow process.

With the new software, better prioritization has become possible. For example, urgent account change requests and 3-day SLA product orders can be allocated completely different slots on the weekly schedule. In addition, the portal allows including external services in the in-house system, without the need to connect to outside forms or web pages. “We used to have all these forms and email addresses scattered around the company intranet and you either had to know where to look or have very good navigation skills to find what you needed. Now it’s one dashboard and everything is just there.”

Besides the solution itself, Valkama is satisfied with Efecte’s sales and support. “They have proficient experts, and they have quickly responded to our customization needs. On top of that, we can update the system as we need, instead of working to external schedules.”

Customer benefits:

  • Versatility and flexibility
  • Saving FTE per year thanks to automating operations
  • Concentration of many functions in one system

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